Grown Old, Not Grown Up
Joel "Doc" Kunz
A class clown since grade school days, Joel would rather get a laugh, then an "A", any day, any time, any place and his school records show it.  A skill taught to him by his father Arnie Kunz, a published jokester himself, he was shown how laughter could be a positive part of every day life.  He also taught Joel that comedy, subject matter and your need to filter your thoughts depend on a lot of factors including intake of a variety of liquids, chocolate and if there are any pretty girls around.  That's great advice from a guy who was the Chief Barker of Variety Club of Wisconsin for a decade and was published in Readers Digest and The Milwaukee Sentinel for comedy countless times.
Although his dad taught him a lot about laughter, he did not instill in him a fear in red heads, a skill that Joel could have used early in life.  He also tried to warn him of the dangers of getting married at a young age (it didn't work) and installed a comic wit that nearly got Joel thrown out of grade school and high school, where he organized a kazoo band with friend David Hammon just to prove that it was possible to drink beer, and be in the home coming parade.  It worked.
On stage "Doc" is known locally for clean comedy about his dogs, being married and things that an Award Winning Outdoor Writer has to deal with.  The comedy voice is growing as his friends re-enter the dating scene and his four children and six grandchildren introduce him to the ever changing technology and mind set of 2014 and beyond.  Not allowed to speak in public at certain times at the request, and sometimes command of his wife, it can make a visit to a Burger King drive thru or the local store a potential laugh fest.  Nothing is made up.  These are real thoughts and he can't help the way they come out.  He will take the arm numbing bruise or finish shopping himself if there is a laugh available.  He is a good problem solver too. Like saddles for his dogs and his dealing with the local Jehovah's Witness who knock on his door way too early in the morning. (you'll understand after watching the videos).  "I've Got An Idea" is not generally something you want to hear coming from Joel. 
Very comfortable in front of a crowd, Joel has been the featured speaker on stage and performed on the famous "HAWG TROUGH" for crowds of up to 8,000 people at sports shows in Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Cleveland and Chicago.  Joel has also been featured on 25 TV shows about the Wolf River in Wisconsin where he was a well known fishing guide and continues his writing career.  TV credits include John Gillespie's Water & Woods, Outdoor Wisconsin, Hitting The Outdoors With Brian Noble, Bob Jensen's Fishing The Midwest and Babe Winkelman's Outdoor Secrets.  His outdoor related websites about the Wolf River have millions of views and he is featured on a outdoor report on WAUH radio twice weekly.  Writing credits include Midwest Outdoors where he has received 2 Readers Choice Awards, (2007 and 2012), On Wisconsin Outdoors, Badger Sportsmen, Outdoor Boundaries Magazine and Wisconsin Outdoor News.
Joel's home club is The Skyline Comedy Cafe in Appleton Wisconsin, a place where he enjoys working and learning from a number of other Wisconsin bred comics that also call The Skyline home.  Comics such as John Egan, Nate Hoss, Steve Hartman, Mike Merryfield and Rob Brackenridge work there, and visit often.  It's been a fast track of a comedy career which started when he took in a friend, comic Nate ford, who was wheelchair bound after being in a terrible car accident.  At the point that Nate was recovered enough to start working again, Joel was put up on stage at an open mic that he drove Nate to.  Told he was "amazingly comfortable with the silence", was the first step to what has been scores of shows and a regular schedule of paid work.  Friends such as Frankie Paul Morrell, John Conroy, Isaac Witty, Mark Klein and "The Hobbitt" Nate Ford continue to provide support and guidance which helps expand the level of potential laughter.
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